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Hello! Here you can see our video “Flushed away”. We have do it at English class with the help of our teacher, Miss Eve Serra. We hope you enjoy it. 5th and 6th grade students. Salvador Espriu School. Badalona.



This is our school drums music band. It’s “The Pugui Pugui Band”. We played drums music for the 20th school’s birthday. We play all time there is some important festival at school. We have a big pet called “Salvador” that we like very much. Our school is very fun!.

Bye, bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maria Esteban, 6th A grade




Here are the two dragons of our school. One is called Bocaflama and another spark.

They are placed in the central courtyard.

They are on the stands. It is very funny because at the end of the course we remove the spark and we walk with her for all the school. We also make explosions with little explosives. We hope you enjoyed everything that we have explained to you soon !!!:·)


Hello!. We have gone two days to Olot volcanic zone. We have slep all the class together one nigth in a hotel.
Here you can see the two classes of 6th in the crater of a big volcano. We also have worked within a forest of beech. After this we go to the rural house hotel, that was very small but with a big background. It was great.
We spent two days with a lot of good playing and doing a lot of things. I hope you’re well and you like the picture.

This is our front sandy courtyard of the school. We have a lot of trees at the entrance
Also we have got some very large lianas.
This is the court we use to play football or even to play with the sand or play to the fact and hide or to kill.
We also have three more courtyards with a garden to plant many things like: carrots, potatoes, onions, lettuce….
Also this playground is used to do sea sickness with a tennis ball. We have got too two goals of soccer and six baskets to play basketball, four are small and two larger.
The sandy courtyard is for the children of p3 to p5, 3 to 5 years old.
We hope we enjoy our school.


Hi!. This is the backyard football and basketball background of our school..
Playing in the courtyard is a lot of fun. It is very big and wide. This had six baskets and two goals.

Melodia, Tània, Pau, Joan-Pol.

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