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We have celebrated the School Spring Festival Dances. 6th grade have danced a Sardana. The Sardana is a typical Catalan dance. Here you can see it. We can post a lot of e-postcards because we are very busy answering the quiz!!!

We also have danced another typical dance. Its name is  “Ball de bastons”. 

We wish you enjoy it.

Students 6th grade Salvador Espriu School Badalona.



Hello. We are two girls from 6è A class in Badalona. We want to explain you that we went to Badalona’s TV. We left the school at 11:00 and went to work to the building of Badalona’s television (it’s a TV channel). We were at Badalona’s radio too, and also to Badalona’s magazine. You can see the magazine in the photo. In the radio we were making a joke. In the magazine we had to print many things many times to done it perfect it you can see and watch the color. It was very accurate (the print in a special place.). In the Plate, which had to dress differently than the scenery as the weather. Finally we got some presents: a bag, two pens, and a book. Laura and me are in this photo. We are: I’m the black girl in the second row at the bottom of the right and Laura is the girl in purple the last row is the rose.

Miss Eve and Mr. Joan are the two teachers in the photo. They are the etwinning teachers too.

Laura and Judit.


 We are in 2009 and it is the year of Charles Darwin. We would like to dedicate this photo to him. February 12th, he was born 200 years ago. 
Darwin discovered the theory of evolution. This is a good theory OK for a
cells and primats. In USA some people believes that the humans were created and another that we came from primats. So they published this picture with Darwin’s face on the body of a monkey.  We are studying Darwin’s theory at class.

Borja and Sandro from 6th A class, Badalona.


This is the factory manufacturer of Anis del Mono (Anise the monkey). It’s in Badalona. Anis del Mono is a spiritous liquor like wodka or gin. It was invented by Vicente Bosch. The factory is from XIX century. It makes metafaluga anise. It’s a good and strong liquor. It’s very strong and very sweet.

Alexis and Marc from Badalona



Hello I’m Laura. I am a girl of 6th grade from Salvador Espriu School, in Badalona. I want to explain you the day that we went to Badalona’s port to visit the Old Sailor Ship.

First we went into a truck where we talked about the sea.

Then we went to this old ship and we visited it. We know how it works now, also we visited the rooms, the kitchen, the WC… We got a special digital glasses to see a video of  sea.  Bye, bye… LAURA


Hello and have a nice day!
Here is a photo of a Badalona’s ghotic monastery called Saint Jeronimo of the Murtra. Murtra is a tree name.
This abbey is really wonderful. There is a beautiful cloister, (photo) and a garden with a lot of flowers. 
Before the abbey was built it was a roman farmhouse. Now we can see a Gothic monastery.
We hope you like our little history of San Jeronimo de la Murtra because this monastery is very important for us.

Melodia and Claudia
Bye, Bye!JJ


This is the 6th A grade. We have received a visit from the Badalona’s police. They explained us the bike and the traffic regulations. Then we played a game simulating an accident. We want to skip to have a real accident when we go with a car or a bike. They told us some stories about accidents that happened in Badalona and they were very serious. Laura and Ariadna, 6A class from Badalona.

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