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Paralia, Patra

Goodmorning everyone!

As you have seen we have posted a couple of comments and pictures from our neighbourhood, town and city. We hope you enjoy them. Below we give you a map of Greece and a map of our area so you can become familiar as to where we are, in case you want to visit us, which will make us very happy!!!

map of Greece

map of Greece

map of Paralia

map of Paralia

If you compare the two maps, you will see that Paralia is on the northwest of Peloponnese. Peloponnese is a big place in the south of our country and it’s called like that because it is a big island ruled by Pelopas in the very old days. Hopefully, soon we’ll tell you more about our region. In the meantime, if you want to find more information about our area and see many many pictures you can visit the following sites:




Well, enjoy the virtual tour and keep well!!!

We’ll be in touch

Barbara Koziori, English Language Teacher, 2nd Junior High School of Paralia, 22/01/2009


Hello everybody on e-postcards!!!!

We are from the 2nd Junior High School of Paralia, Patra. We’re very sorry that we haven’t been with you all as yet, but we will be soon posting our pictures and comments. Till then, keep well and be merry!



21 Responses to "Paralia, Patra"

Hello Paralia!
We are the pupils from CEIP Salvador Espriu. We are from Badalona, a city near Barcelona. We are very happy to meet you!

My name is Clàudia.
I’m of the school Salvador Espriu, that was a catalan well known writer.
My school is in Badalona, next to the famous city of Barcelona.
Your school is very nice!!
I’m looking forward to write with you.

Hello Barbara and students from Greece. It’s nice to see your page. We are looking forward to seeing next photos and descriptions. BYe bye


Hello, Patra !!:·)
Im from Badalona Andrea!
I am 11 years old and I am a girl of Salbador Espriu.
Very good your picture!
Bye, bye!
ATT: The Andrea

Hi! we are from John Paul II Junior High School in Daleszyce, Poland. A beautiful photo. And who is the patron of your school? Greetings from Poland. It’s winter here – very white but not very cold.

Hi! I’m Ainhoa and I live in Badalona (Barcelona).
I go to the school Salvador Espriu.
I hope you will put sooner some photos about your school, to comment your photos.
Bye, bye

hello students,my name is jim.Thanks for your coments about midilogli.

Hello we are Nadia & ALEXANDRA we are pupils of high

school of PARALIA

Happy New Year from Badalona!!!

Hi! 🙂
We are Marga, Maria, Paula and Mar
Your photo are very nice!!♥
Thanks for your post! 😉
We look some photo’s in google of Greace and we think it is a wonderful country!
Do you like Badalona?
Our msn are : msabater@telefonica.net ; maria.sg@telefonica.net ; paine_xula@hotmail.com ; marga_1997@hotmail.com


Hi I’m from badalona pol who wants to say agregarme the messenger that the possible

My name is Dominika. I’m from Daleszyce – a small town near Kielce in Poland. I can’t wait seeing a photo of your class. But what a breathtaking view of mountains you gave us!!!
Just brilliant!!! I wish I could visit your country…:)
Maybe one day…

Hello! 🙂
Greece is a beautiful country, I love.
The picture is very nice.
I would like a lot to live in Greece because I find that it is very beautiful and I love that little from Greece.
We have begun to work on a few countries across Europe, and some children in our class and they say that Greece is very nice.
Well, I hope that one day, not when we know we can!: D
I’m waiting for you;)
Well, I have to go to dinner
See you soon! *

ATT, from Badalona, paula97

Hello, Paralia, Patra!
How you? I hope that good:·)
A long time ago what not commented Hos!
It is very mash your country!
Bye, bye!
Att: Andrea:·D

Sorry but we apologize for Núria has hung the picture early…
But in addition, the photo you uploaded seems very original, because if one day we come, we will know where we have to do!But in addition, the photo you uploaded seems very original, because if one day we come, we will know where we have to do!!! 🙂 🙂

Hello, my name is NURIA bone wanted to give my e-mail me if you can give your perfect we will be able to comment.
my mail is nuriapalleja@hotmail.es.
I hope you tell me your bai.

wow your city is very beautiful bye!

Hello, we are Anthony and Soufian. We think your landscape is very beautiful and I we will talk about it in class. We hope you put more pictures like this because they are very good. Till soon!

Hi ParaLia! 🙂
I’m Paula from Badalona! 😉
Your photos are pretty cool! 😉
♥ ¡I LoVe GrEeCe! ♥
Well, I’m very, very busy!
Sorry 😦
Bye my friends! 😉 🙂

ATT, Paula97

I’m Paula from the school Salvador Espriu!
My favourite color is pink I like!
It’s very good chips with eggs good and delicious!!!!!!!!!!
One Hello from Patra!
And one drawing -,- -,-
— ”

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