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John Paul II Junior High School

John Paul II Junior High School

Hi! We are a big school in Poland, situated in the region of the Holy Cross Mountains which are said to be the oldest in Europe. There are more than 400 students in our John Paul II Junior High School. The students, who attend it, come from Daleszyce and some villages near it. We usually start classes at 8.oo and finish at 2.00 p.m. The building is blue outside and full of sunshine inside. It means that we like it.


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Hi Daleszyce! We are the Badalona’s School. We are also about 400 students in our school from 3 to 12 years old.
Our students are from Badalona, a city about 225.000 h. near Barcelona. We start classes at 9:00 and finish at 17:00. But we had lunch from 13:00 to 15:00. Our building is grey but it’s also full of sun. This is a problem in summer. We got 32º inside the class. But in winter is OK.

It’s great to learn such interesting details about your school.
And we like your patron, Salvador Espiru. Tomorrow we will check if there are any books by him in our library.
If not we should buy them. Greetings from Daleszyce!

My name is Clàudia and I am of the school of Badalona (is near to a famous city of Barcelona)!!
Well, your class is very nice and the boys and the girls are very beautiful and handsome!!!!

Hi!!! 🙂
I am Iza of Daleszyce School.I think that this website is super. We can present our school and see schools in full world. Maybe I will take pictures with my friends and I’ll insert here. 🙂 I am greeting everybody!!! 😀

Hello !!!!!!
My name is Paul.
The school is your very nice large!
We are also quite big.
Can you please tell your msn?

Hello again! How many children you are at your school?
I regard kids salary to your class?
In our class we are 25 students, 13 girls and 12 children.

Beautiful photos.
I am Milena what date I from poland
at you and can be heard?

Hello again!!! XD!!!

I LIKE YOUR SCHOOL!$$$$$$$$$$!

Helo I’m Kate from school in Daleszyce. I watched your film. It was very interesting. I’m waiting for more pictures and letters.

Hello.our names’ are Jim.

Happy New Year 2009, from Badalona. And now, it’s time for resolutions!!!

Hi 🙂
Your school is very nice! : P
Our school has no color is gray, but it’s great and fun! : D
We have uploaded photos of our school, you can see in BADALONA. We are close to the beach.
Put a lot of your new photos: S
Well I hope you like our photos.
Byee! : D: P

wow!! your school is very cool and beautiful I would like to see more pictures of the school and you

Your school is very pretty (beautiful)

Hello. I’m Dawid from Daleszyce. I like football and volleyball. Poland is
great country

The school in Poland is very strange and big. Moreover there is super and cool

Your school is fine.;).bye bye.

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