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We are pupils from the primary school. We go to the 7th class. There are 23 pupils – 10 girls and 13 boys. Our school is in a small town called Celakovice. It  is near our capital city Prague.

We like sports – football. basketball, tennis, skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, volleyball, swimming, aerobics and dancing.

Our favourite subjects are IT, PE, English, Biology, History, German and Russian.

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We are 6th garde pupils from Badalona school. You look all very well. Your school looks like very new. We have a question: why someone in your class is wearing bath shoes. Do you have swimming pool at your school?
Bye bye

It is the answer to your question. We have to wear slippers not have dust and dirt from street in our classrooms. We have to change our shoes and leave them in the lockers.
By the way, we have a nice swimming pool behind the schoo. It is 25m long and 10wide. We often go there.


hello my name grzesiek and artur a like football and ride motorbike I`m 15 and 14 years old
I`m waiting the answear the all world

My email is grzegorzrudkowski@wp.pl
see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My name is Piotrek.I from Poland.I like drawing graffiti. Greetings for everybody.

Hello! How are you? My name is Sandra and my friend is Kaja. I am from Mielno, Kaja is from Zabor. My friends are Dagmara and Patrycja. They are very funny. I lake listen miusic and pley the guitar. I like pley computer games. I like horror films.

I’m Clàudia of the school of Badalona!!!!
I’m very happy to write with you!!!
Well, bye-bye!!!

Hello everyody 🙂
Nice looking girls 😉
Best wishes 😉

From Badalona, our best wishes for the New Year!

pol10ronaldinho10@hotmail.com‘m of the school CEIP Salvador Espriu BADALONA

Pol i Víctor

Badalona és una gran platja.
Badalona has a big beach.

Moltes persones es banyen, i aquí no és tan fred
A lot of people swim in it. Here is not cold.
L’estiu és complet i gairebé tots els dies es pot nedar.
The summer is large and all the days you can swim.

Ens agradaria que volen venir a veure el Salvador Espriu
We would enjoy you can come here to Salvador Espriu School.


We are in Badalona.
We are Laura and Ariadna.
Who gives you presents in Christmas?
We get some presents from the “caga tió” and some from Magic kings.
We hope that you answer us.
We do not have a swimming pool into the school.
Goodbye and to another!

Ariadna and Laura

hey ;p
co tamm ?
sory ze pisze po polsku ale angliski mi nie wchodziiiiii ;p

przytok is great great

yes yes


Hello I’m Núria Pallejà and I wanted to say that in CATALUNYA we celebrate the carnival and I want to know if you celebrate it too. Bye 🙂

hello I’m Nuria Pallejá from Badalona and I like to work in English with you 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hi.We are Sebastian and Mateusz.We like motorbikes and computers.We are 11 years old.
Our favourite lessons are : Maths,Computer Studies and Art.

bye-bye!!! See you soon.:)

I’m Eryk.You have great class. 🙂

Hello !!
I’m Damian. You have big class. :):):):):)

We are 6th garde boys
from Badalona school. You look all very well. Your school looks like very new. We have a question: why someone in your class is wearing bath shoes.
Bye bye

Sandro and borjaa


We are Paula and Judith 6èA of the school Espriu Salvador de Catalunya
Enchanted coneixeus of my friends good luck with school and work too much

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