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The mountain of Montserrat is very different to the other mountains  because of their form. In Montserrat mountains there is the big abbey of Saint Mary. All Catalan people is devote to the virgin of Montserrat. Like the Cestokowa virgin in Poland she is black because she was in the church for centuries and the smoke of the candles made herself black face. 

Sandro, Pau and Ferran from Badalona.



This is the factory manufacturer of Anis del Mono (Anise the monkey). It’s in Badalona. Anis del Mono is a spiritous liquor like wodka or gin. It was invented by Vicente Bosch. The factory is from XIX century. It makes metafaluga anise. It’s a good and strong liquor. It’s very strong and very sweet.

Alexis and Marc from Badalona


We are Carla and Ainhoa.
We saw what you are posted about your Carnival.
We want now to explain what we have done at our school in carnival.
We have got a puppet that is called the carnival king.
The delegates of all the classes have thinked few funny things to do, for exemple wear different shoes or wear a bathrobe.
Finally on Friday the entire school was dressed for Carnival.
We have enjoyed it very much because this is our last year in this school!
Carla and Ainhoa


Hello! We are Anna Sevilla and Laura. We are girls from 6A class. We want to show you a tradicional holiday and festival from Badalona. Every May, 11th, on the Badalona’s beach we burn a paper devil. This is a very traditional family festival. We done it because in older times we think that to do this is very good to protect against bad things like diseases. Every year the devil is different. Maybe a policeman, a doctor, a thief, an animal… Then there is a big firework festival with different colours.

Hello, my name is Soufian. I want to tell you that this picture is about the Badalona’s devil party. This festival is one of May events in Badalona. It consists in burning a paper demon. Some children also do little demonds at home and at school and then put their little demons with the big devil to burn them together.
When devils are burning there is a big firecracker festival.

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