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Hello! I’m a girl from 6th A in Badalona, and my name is Laura. I want to comment about the Catalonia lake. We have only one lake in Catalonia. It’s Banyoles Lake. 6èA and 6th B went to Banyoles Lake on holidays last year. We stayed there for one nigth. We went there to study the animals of the lake. As you can see in the photo near the lake there are a lot of fields and vegetation, especially around the lake. We investigated lake fish. I remember there are a lot of frogs. We had good holidays!.

I do not remember so much because it was when we were on the 5th grade.

See you later! *LAURA*

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Tarragona is a city placed in the south of Catalonia. In Roman times it was the Spain main city. It’s name was Tarraco. In the photo you can see the Roman water aqueduct. Between -200 BC to +400 AC, pending 600 years, Spain was part of a Roman Empire. So Badalona, Barcelona and Tarragona serve so many Roman buildings. Tarragona is human patrimony from UNESCO.

By Borja and Soufian from 6th grade Salvador Espriu School


The mountain of Montserrat is very different to the other mountains  because of their form. In Montserrat mountains there is the big abbey of Saint Mary. All Catalan people is devote to the virgin of Montserrat. Like the Cestokowa virgin in Poland she is black because she was in the church for centuries and the smoke of the candles made herself black face. 

Sandro, Pau and Ferran from Badalona.


PortAventura is a big resort that comprises: a thematic park (Port Aventura Park), a water park (Caribe Aquatic Park), three hotels (Hotel PortAventura, Hotel El Paso and Hotel Caribe). A Beach Club and three golf courses (Golf PortAventura). It’s located in Catalunya, near Tarragona, between Salou and Vila-seca.
It’s divided into 5 main thematic areas: Mediterranean, Polynesia, China, Mexico and USA Farwest.
The star attraction of the park is the Dragon Khan, a really big roller coaster. It has a world record in loopings with 8 big Looping. Thanks to this attraction PortAventura has had this year millions of visitors, like Eurodisney París.

Soufian,Pau i Ferran, 6th A. Badalona.


Hello! We are Paula and Judit from Salvador Espriu school in Badalona. Our class is 6th A.
This photo is from the”Tibidabo mountain”. Tibidabo is a big thematic park in Barcelona. It’s really big and very expensive.
In the”Tibidabo mountain” there are some restaurants, bars and the most important attractions park in the city.
To ride in a park attraction you must pay all the time or you only have to get a free pass. The pass colour depends on your age. From Tibidabo Mountain you can see the Mediterranean sea, the harbour and all Barcelona city like when you flight by plane.
By Paula and Judit.
See you soon!


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