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Hello! We are Anna Sevilla and Laura. We are girls from 6A class. We want to show you a tradicional holiday and festival from Badalona. Every May, 11th, on the Badalona’s beach we burn a paper devil. This is a very traditional family festival. We done it because in older times we think that to do this is very good to protect against bad things like diseases. Every year the devil is different. Maybe a policeman, a doctor, a thief, an animal… Then there is a big firework festival with different colours.

Hello, my name is Soufian. I want to tell you that this picture is about the Badalona’s devil party. This festival is one of May events in Badalona. It consists in burning a paper demon. Some children also do little demonds at home and at school and then put their little demons with the big devil to burn them together.
When devils are burning there is a big firecracker festival.



Hi, my name is Pau and I’m from 6A class. I will explain you what are “Bufons del Foc”, (Fire Devils). The fire buffoons are a gang of young people who plays with fire. We are from Badalona. We go to the town’s holidays and cities to make our fire show, which is called correfoc. We wear a special clothing that is against fire. So we can’t burn ourselves. We use a lot of firecracker. We enjoy fire and little bombs. The fircrakers are lead to the end of the a large stick that we call “maza”. In Badalona there are many groups of fire players. All groups have a logo. We are like devils. “Correfoc is a large Catalan tradition.

Pau Rodríguez 6A


Hello, we are Paula, Andrea and Judit from 6th A grade.
This image is a lunch we have together at school. We celebrate 20th school birthday. We celebrate it eating hot chocolate. We love it very much. It was November 7th were we held 20 years of our school.
You can see in the photo the school youngest children: P3 grade. They are only 3 years old
We eat chocolate, daintiness, and some cookies called “ensiamades”.
We are celebrating it at the central courtyard of the school, so we were very happy and very good.
This day we only played games and we did not class !!!!!!
Towards the festivals end, the teachers gave us a school backpack. It’s orange with a dragon. Then we leave the school.

Paula, Judit i Andrea






This is our school drums music band. It’s “The Pugui Pugui Band”. We played drums music for the 20th school’s birthday. We play all time there is some important festival at school. We have a big pet called “Salvador” that we like very much. Our school is very fun!.

Bye, bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maria Esteban, 6th A grade

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