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Our dragon “Espurna” sometimes goes out the school and walks Badalona’s streets. Here you can see her trowhing water top the people. School students are wearing yellow t-shirts.



Our school has celebrated its 20th birthday. Here you can see us at the school’s playground celebrating it.

Near Zabor, there is a city Zielona Gora. There is a University of Zielona Góra there and students celebrate “being a student” every year in May.  It is connected  with lots of concerts, festivals, parades, shows, dancing, meeiting each other. Students are in the centre of everything.



Korowód przeszedł ulicami miasta. Bachanalia się rozpoczęły












We have celebrated the School Spring Festival Dances. 6th grade have danced a Sardana. The Sardana is a typical Catalan dance. Here you can see it. We can post a lot of e-postcards because we are very busy answering the quiz!!!

We also have danced another typical dance. Its name is  “Ball de bastons”. 

We wish you enjoy it.

Students 6th grade Salvador Espriu School Badalona.

We are Carla and Ainhoa.
We saw what you are posted about your Carnival.
We want now to explain what we have done at our school in carnival.
We have got a puppet that is called the carnival king.
The delegates of all the classes have thinked few funny things to do, for exemple wear different shoes or wear a bathrobe.
Finally on Friday the entire school was dressed for Carnival.
We have enjoyed it very much because this is our last year in this school!
Carla and Ainhoa

We hope that video answer your questions. A Castle needs a lot of people to be build. Not only people in the tower, also in the base.

Castellers is an ancient tradition in Catalonia that consists in building human castles. This one is from “Castellers de Vilafranca” and is currently the largest one ever made, with a height of ten people! (Notice the ones at top are children, like you). No ropes, no helmets, no nothing, just the traditional suit and guts! Some think it’s scary freakish to do this just for fun, but the truth is in more than a century doing this things only a few had severe injuries.


Hello! I’m Victor Pazos Malagón. 
The “castellers” (castles) are a really popular Catalonia’s tradition. In all Catalonia there are a lot of Castellers teams. They make a very big human tower. Here, in Badalona, we have one team of Castellers. They are called “Xiquets de Badalona”. (Badalona’s boys). They make these towers in front of the city hall every festival or celebration. Catalan people like very much this. They are very popular.

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