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Museum in Čelákovice

Opposite the library there is our museum. The building is very old. It used to be a fort. There you can see interesting exhibitions about nature of our region, old books, paintings, baskets – basketery was common craft in the 19th century, textiles and even some exhibits from Stone Age and Bronze Age. We like going there.

Milena, Dan, Jakub




Our library

In our city we have a small but very good library where we can borrow books and magazines.
There is a sectien for children and for adults. There are computers were we can find different information. It is in a beautiful park near the school. We like going there.

Míša and Karolína


We spend a week in the mountains. It is common in our country that in winter pupils in the 7th class go to the mountains to ski. It was a big fun. We spent a week  with our class teacher and PE teacher there.  During the day we went down hill or went cross country skiing and in the evening we played games.  Last day we took part in a races in slalom and cross-country skiing and in the evening we had a carnival.




My name is Petronella Gabčová. It is me and my best girlfriend Lenka (I am in the white jackets and Lenka looked like an allien in the helmet).


The cottage had 11 rooms and a great dinnig room.


This photo is from the dining room in the chalet.

There was a great LCD TV and a nice fireplace,

They cook very good meals for us, like our mums at home.

There was a lot of fun.We never forget the stay in the mountains

These are aerial pictures of Čelákovice. It is a small town about 25 km east of Prague, the capital city of our country. As you can see it is situated in the lowlands on the river Labe.

In the local museum there are evidences that this place was settled since Stone Age and the first written record comes from 1290.

The surrounding countryside with forests and pools is good for hiking and especially for cycling.



Hurray. There is snow more than one week. In Čelákovice there wasn´t snow in winter for a long time.  We are happy because we can even go cross country skiing around our school during PE lessons. Ponds are frozen and we can skate there. We snowball. This winter is very cold and windy (around 10º C).

school yard

school yard

behind the school

behind the school



in the town

in the town

in the town






Every year in autumn our PE teachers organize a relay race. It is called Chocolate Relay Race because the winners get bars of chocolate and a diploma. Pupils from 5 – 9 classes make teams of 10 runners. One lap is 250m long. Girls and boys race together. In our team there were six boys and four girls.  This year the weather wasn´t very nice, it was quite cold but the atmosphere was excellent. The race was exciting.  We won again.


We are pupils from the primary school. We go to the 7th class. There are 23 pupils – 10 girls and 13 boys. Our school is in a small town called Celakovice. It  is near our capital city Prague.

We like sports – football. basketball, tennis, skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, volleyball, swimming, aerobics and dancing.

Our favourite subjects are IT, PE, English, Biology, History, German and Russian.7a-foto-do-blogu-0022

We are in our English classroom.


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