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Tarragona is a city placed in the south of Catalonia. In Roman times it was the Spain main city. It’s name was Tarraco. In the photo you can see the Roman water aqueduct. Between -200 BC to +400 AC, pending 600 years, Spain was part of a Roman Empire. So Badalona, Barcelona and Tarragona serve so many Roman buildings. Tarragona is human patrimony from UNESCO.

By Borja and Soufian from 6th grade Salvador Espriu School


The mountain of Montserrat is very different to the other mountains  because of their form. In Montserrat mountains there is the big abbey of Saint Mary. All Catalan people is devote to the virgin of Montserrat. Like the Cestokowa virgin in Poland she is black because she was in the church for centuries and the smoke of the candles made herself black face. 

Sandro, Pau and Ferran from Badalona.


Hello and have a nice day!
Here is a photo of a Badalona’s ghotic monastery called Saint Jeronimo of the Murtra. Murtra is a tree name.
This abbey is really wonderful. There is a beautiful cloister, (photo) and a garden with a lot of flowers. 
Before the abbey was built it was a roman farmhouse. Now we can see a Gothic monastery.
We hope you like our little history of San Jeronimo de la Murtra because this monastery is very important for us.

Melodia and Claudia
Bye, Bye!JJ


Hello! We are Patricia, Noelia and Andrea. Today we will talk  about the Roman Badalona. Badalona was founded in the -210 aC by the Roman Empire. The Badalona Roman name’s Baetulo. Here you can see a beauty Roman figure of Badalona. She is Venus. She’s a love Roman God. She’s a naked girl. Someone cut her the head and the legs. She’s in the Badalona’s city museum.

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