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Hi I’m Sandra. Few weeks ego we were in Mechowo. This is a small village situated near Polczyno. We went there because we wanted to see caves which are one and only in Northern Europe. Those caves as you can see on pictures aren’t very big. Walking in caves  takes only few minutes so it can be considered as the shortest underground tourists route in Poland. dscf19561



Hi.  This are questions about our region. We do not put in here questions about Poland because we are third school from Poland on this Blog.

So we hope you will enjoy our questions.

1. Tricity is consisting of three cities:

– Słupsk, Sopot, Kołobrzeg

– Gdynia, Sopot, Gdańsk

– Szczecin, Gdynia, Gdańsk

2. What are colors of Kashubian flag:

– red and white

– blue and red

– black and yellow

3. In Szymbark there is:

– funfair

– zoo

– upside down house

4. Who is on the Fountain in the center of Long Market in Gdańsk:

– Zeus

– John

– Naeptun

5. When was built St. Mary’s Church in Gdańsk:

– 1343 – 1502

– 1258 – 1480

– 1675 – 1900

6. What animals live on Hel:

– seals

– bears

– deers

7. Who designed “the gift of youth”

– Adam Biesiada

– Krzysztof Baranowski

– Zygmunt Choreń

8. When and where was the Poland’s Wedding to the Sea:

– 10 February 1920

– 20 February 1920

– 01 March 1920

– Gdańsk

– Puck

– Kołobrzeg



Połczyno is situated in northern Poland. It is located near Puck. Połczyno is a small village in which live about 750 people. In Połczyno are 3 shops, school and 4 small factories. There are also 3 sports fields and a playground. Most of people here are farmers. They breed animals like: pigs, horses, cows, chickens and pigeons. In Połczyno is a beautiful forest and many meadows.

Our village is lovely and great.

That’s all for now. On Saturday we are going for a trip so we will write a e-postcard for you. Bye bye. Class 6.

We took photos from Google Earth.

Class VI

Posted on: March 5, 2009

Hello. My name is Marta. I’m a teacher in Primary School from Polczyno. Above this text is a film with pupils from my class. We’re the smallest class in our school.  As you can see in this class are 6 boys and 3 girls. We’re very glad that we can participate in this project.

Best wishes for all of you.

We’re girls from 5th class. We’ re school dance group which is called SKIERKI. We love dancing and creating figures as you can see on the pictures.


In our group are 8 girls: Karolina, Michalina, Sandra, Patrycja, Daniela, Weronika, Kamila i Eliza.

We also like creating songs for our team. We sing them during sports competitions which are in our school.

Best wishes for all of you. 🙂

I’m Alicja. I’m ten. On this picture I’m wearing  pink tracksuit I’m interestedi in music.  My favourite band  is Jonas brothers and my favourite  singer is Rihanna.

My name’s   Mariusz.  I’m ten. On this picture  I’m wearing  red blouse . I ‘m  interested in computer games .My favourite game is Metin 2. It’s about knights .

My name is Wojtek. I’m ten.  I’m wearing  grey and blue  sweatshirt  I’m  in the middle of this picture. I’m interested in  computer games. My favourite game is Metin2.

I`m Patrycja. I`m eleven. On this picture. I`m wearing red polo neck. I`m interestedin collecting cards with diffrent picture.

M y name  is Damian . On thi Picture I am wearing red blouse  with white marks  . I am interested in Computer games .My favourite game is METIN2 . It’s about knights.

My names is Karolina. I’m ten. On this picture I’m wearing blue polo neck. I`m interested in animals.


My name is Eryk . I’m  ten .On this Picture. I’m  wearing  white blouse and blue trousers .I’m interested in dinosaurs. My favourite  dinosaur is treciratops.

I’m eleven. I’m Mateusz. On this picture I’m wearing grey blouse. I’m interested in sports.

I’m Kacper . I’m ten years old. On this picture I’m wearing dark blue t-shirt . I’m interested in computer games.

I’m  Michał. I’m  eleven  years  old. On  this picture I’m   wearing  blue-brown  shirt . I’m  interested  in  military. dscf65583

Hi. We are pupils from Primary School in Połczyno. Our school is very small and we think that we are the smallest  school on this blog but it the does not mean that we are boring.  See you soon:)

Szkoła Podstawowa im. Antoniego Abrahama w Połczynie

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