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Hi everyone!! 😀

Today I want to show you a video of a piece of the beach and you can also see next to the Rambla de Badalona that is going on the train:)
As I told you in the photo above, you can have the sea next to your house, ii is one of the most beautiful things in the world! 😉
I would like one of you put a video of the city while it snows! 🙂
Ok kids, I have to go to school I’m late!) 
bYE-bYE my friends!
I hope to find you soon! 😉

ATT, PauLa97



Hello everyone!
Since now I haven’t put any photo, I will do it today!
In this picture we can see the beautiful Badalona’s harbour. If you do not know the sea, because you haven’t got a sea, I think it is a pity because it is one of the most beautiful things in the world. At least this is what I think. But also, some of you are really fortunate to be able to go skiing near your school. Many students of my class, they also would like to be able to go skiing or snowboarding. But it’s not possible. We can’t go to our school skiing. 🙂
It’s nice to go to beach in Badalona, and it’s OK to see it and enjoy it here, in Badalona. But also it’s OK living there, where is snowing all time and where snows very often.
Well, I must leave you!
Goodbye my friends! 😉
See you soon! 😀

ATT, Paula97 😛

Hello, we are the Paula and Maria from 6B Badalona.
In Badalona we also have a museum but is quite smaller. You can see it in the photo. It’s the big building in the end of the photo. In our museum, there are some Roman objects. Also there are several exhibitions every year, about all items. Sometimes we are going to take a trip to the Museum. Once a year it celebrates a kind of event where everything is on the Romans clothes. People made like an army parade but dressed has the Romans. We do this to celebrate Romans founded Badalona in III century before Christ. (Badalona has more than 2225 history years).


Hi everybody!
Today I put a photo of  Badalona in AERIAL view!
I hope you like it!
We hope that one day we come to see them all! 😉
Well,  why don’t you come here?
You shouldn’t miss it, I hope! 😀
Well, I send you some kisses because I am really busy!
Bye and see you soon
ATT, paula97



Today I put a picture of the Christmas cards you sent! 🙂
Thank you for all the cards, they are very beautiful and all the children have really enjoyed! 😉
I must leave you, I’m very, very busy
I love you all! 
Bye! 😀 

ATTN, from Badalona, paula97


Hi everyone! 🙂
I am Paula from Salvador Espriu school, in Badalona.
After so long without being able to hang a picture, here you are! 😉
Well, I hope you like the picture and write some comments, please!!
Goodbye! 😀

ATT, Your friend, Paula





Hi everyone!
Today we upload this photo from when we went to Olot colony!. Colony, for us, is a kind of travel. It’s a two days travel with our teachers and classmate.
We enjoy very much it. They were good days.  😀
In this picture we are: Andrea, Margarita, Maria, Abel and me! I was wearing pink clothes.
I hope you would like it and you will comment it!

ATT, paula97


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