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We are the boys and girls from 6th to the school Espriu Salvador and we are very happy to write to you, we hope that you too!
Our class has twenty-five students, there are fourteen girls and eleven boys.
Our school is quite big and we do not know if you know the famous city of Barcelona, because our school is on the side of the city.We also have four courtyards, one that has a garden, one that slides, one that has a track and that there is sand!

We hope you enjoyed the explanation that you have done!
Say goodbye to all!!


Hello, this is our class with children of 6A and we are happy to be able to write to you.
We are all twenty-five children and we are 11 and 12 years old.
At our school we have two dragons that are symbols of the school. This year the school celebrate its birhtday: twenty years ago was founded and we have a big party.


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Hi! My name is Bozena and I am an English teacher at John Paul II Junior High School in Daleszyce (central Poland).
I write in the name of my students who want to make friends with you.They are 13 years old and they are in class Ic. Do you want us in your great blog? Greetings from Poland! Bozena Kraj and class Ic

Hello friend !!!You are nice class !How many pupils are in your class ?What are your favourite subjects ?How many pupils are there in your school ?In our school there are 524 pupil.
Bye Misa

Hello!!Our names are Jane and Lubka.Zour foto is very lovely.

Hello!!!!!!!Lovely photo.I go swimming.

Hello my name is MARTINA DOVIčINOVá.I´m from slovakia I´m live in topolčany.I´m twelve years old.I like your classrom.How are you

Hello !Our names are Jane and Lubka.Your photo is very lovely.We are happy we can write to you.Bye bye!

Hello.My name is Miro Gulika and I am 11 year old.My favorit color is blue and my favorite subject is maths. My friends is Marek,Jurko,Denis,Dano,Tomas.I have 1 brother.

Hello. My name´s Nina. I´m from Slovakia. You´ve got a nice school. You´ve got beautiful photos. Bye bye.

Hi. My name s Marcela .
Your photo is beautiful. What are festival? Our school last year glorify fourty jubilee.Bye

Hello. My name is thomas and I am 12 yers old. My favourit cour is red. I
have got sister.

Hello!My name is Daniel and I am 12 year old.My favourite subjects is English and Geografhy and My favourite colour is blue,white and red.My Pupil but also my best friends is Denis,Miro,Juraj,Marek,Tomas.Bye Dan

Hi…My name´s Elizabeth.I´m from Slovakia. You´ve got a nice school.Bye bye.

Hi.You heve got lovely photo. You have nice school.

Hello. My name´s Karin. I´m from Slovakia. I´m eleven years old. I live in Topolcany. You´ve got a nice school. What cieva is in class?

Hi! My name´s Eliska. You´ve got lovely photos. What are your favourite subjects? You´ve got a beautiful school. How many pupils are there in your class? There are 25 pupils in our class. Bye.

Hello. I´m from topolcany.I am 11 years old. Your photo is very nice.What are you favourite subject? Bye!Bye!

Hi…I´m Erika. I from Topolcany . I´m 12 years old.Your photo is very nice and you have nice school . Bye bye 😀

Hello. My name is Juraj Kochan. I from Slovakia. i live in Topolčany. I play´s football I am 11years old. I have got a sister. She have got a 16 years old and lovely photo.Your class is beautiful. We are 6.B. We have got on school about 700 childrens. We have got on school about

My name is Piotrek.I from Poland. I like drawing graffiti. Greeting for everybody!!!


Hola que tal nois i noias jo soi de Polonia nosotros quieremos escrivir

my name is Paulina:)
i like horse:)
i’m 14

Hi do you play TIBIA yeeeeeeeees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????/

My name is Kamila. I am thirteen . I love horses. It is very very nice to meet you!
My favourite singer is Alicia Keys.


phone: +48721107261
Good bye!

My name is Grzesiek. I like 50 Cent he is my favourite singer.
My phone number: +48721749816

My skype is eliska2982.

my skype is (shadex5)
my blog is (hany43.blog.cz)
I’m Michel Hanuš age 14

Hello! 😉
My name is Iza. I’m from Poland. I am a student of class III c. I like this class, because I have got a lot of friends. We help one another yourself. I can usually rely on my best friend – Ania! We have got super teachers. The atmospheres during the lessons is great. 😉 Your photos are beautiful! I am greeting everybody! 🙂

You are the Mabel you wanted to say that I’ll do metroFLOG but with another HOS that I have put a question MSN? well adios

WOW!!! 😀 A great photo! You have got a fantastic school, and climate – in Spain there is lots of sunshine. Here, in Poland it snows and is cold. It’s normal.
Greeting from Poland!!! 🙂

hi badalona I am George is Alekos from obria here love

Hello!I;m 13 years old.I think that your school should be very big.

Hello!I;m 13 years old.I think that your school should be very big.!!

A very pretty photo. I am so excited that I can see it.

Hello everybody 🙂

Thats photo are nice, but I have one question: who is that boy who was jumping on second photo? 😉

Hello everybody in Badalona!!!

Hoping that you’re enjoying your holidays and wishing you a very very happy and prosperous 2009!!!

So nice to be with you!!!

Hello I am going to explain Badalona. Badalona is a very large city and is next in Badalona in Barcelona is a football team is called badalona cf basketball and the club but I’m not in any of the 2’m FCBarcelona adios

I from in zabor my name is robert I like milk (mniam) my friend Grzesiek
he not like milk

Fantastic school!!!


We live in Połczyno. We are from Primary School. We are interested in: animals, music,dance,singing and hairdressing.
We like your pictures very much.

See you soon!!!!

Hello you have very good picture of your school.

Hello. You have great class and school.
bye Andrzej

Hello. We like your school and your pictures very much.

good bye

kacper and michał

Hello. You have great picture of your class.
bye Mateusz

We really like your Carnival. It is very much like our Carnival. Your costumes are fabulous.See you Carla and Ainhoa tell us more about you on your next e-mail!!!!!

Your school is huge and very beautiful,and I would like to come and visit you.

we have a witch and it’s that burning straw figurýny in the form of a witch is super then fire ro we have the fire burta.

Michael hanuš

Hi! My name is Marta. I’m live in Daleszyce.You have got a beautiful school and very big.

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