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Our oak Bartek green again!

Posted on: May 1, 2009

The oak, Bartek
The oak, Bartek

Hello! I’m Tom. Look at the tree. It’s in our region. And read the note about it.

Bartek is an ancient oakk tree in Poland It grows in Zagnańsk near Kielcee in the Świętokrzyskie Mountainss. Its age, long estimated at up to 1200 years, has recently been established at 625 years, with a corer used to extract a sample for proper counting of the growth ringss. There are three older oaks in Poland, though none so famous as Bartek.

The 30-metre tall Bartek measures 13.5 metres in girth at its base. Its crown spreads about 40 metres. Under the Bartek oak tree, King Casimir IIII is known to have been pictured as holding his court. It is also told that Jan III Sobieskii rested under this tree on his way back from the Battle of Viennaa, and hid a Turkishh sabre, an arquebus and a bottle of wine inside it. The old oak is in decline.

At the 11th International Fair Of Agricultural Techniques in Kielce, March 2005, cuttings of the Bartek Oak were given away

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