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Regional Quiz from Daleszyce

Posted on: April 4, 2009


Are you ready to answer the questions?

1.    Where in our area did Henryk Sienkiewicz, the Nobelist, live?

              A.       ?    Oblegorek

B.       ?    Kielce

C.       ?    Daleszyce

D.       ?    Warszawa

2.    Which is the capital of the swietokrzyskie region?

                   A.       ?    Daleszyce

B.       ?    Cracow

C.       ?    Moscow

D.       ?    Kielce

3.    The name in English of the Swietokrzyskie Mountains is 

A.       ?    the Sudets  

B.          ?     the Cambrains

C.       ?     the Holy Cross Mountains

D.       ?     the Alps

4.    What is the name of the main street in Kielce?

                                 A.       ?    Zeromski Stree

                             B.       ?    Sienkiewicz Street

C.       ?    The Circle

5.    What is the approximate population of Kielce?


A.       ?    About 100 thousand

B.       ?    About  2 thousand

C.       ?    Over 200 thousand

6.    Which is the highest peak of the Swietokrzyskie Mountains?


A.       ?     Lysa Gora

B.       ?     Lysiec

C.       ?     Giewont

D.       ?     Gerlach

7.    Which river flows through Kielce?


A.       ?    Silnica

B.       ?    Vistula

C.       ?    Wolga

D.       ?    Tamisa

8.    Which town is close to Kielce?


A.       ?    Cracow

B.       ?    Kiev

C.       ?    Budapest

D.       ?    Prague

9.    What is the main attraction of the Holy Cross monastery?


A.       ?    the Holy Shroud

B.       ?    the relics of the Holy Cross

C.       ?    its situation

D.       ?    the weather

10.                      Where you can visit dinosaurus in our region?


A.       ?    in Kielce

B.       ?    in Baltow

C.       ?    in Cracow  

D.     ?       the Daleszyce

11.                      Who is the patron of Junior High School in Daleszyce?


A.       ?    Henryk Sienkiewicz

B.       ?    Polanski

C.       ?    John Paul II

D.       ?    John Lenon

12.                      Who was Karol Wojtyła?


A.       ?    a president

B.       ?    a writer

C.       ?    the Pope

D.       ?    an actor

13.                      Which animal lives in our region?


A.       ?    a penguin

B.       ?    a stork

C.       ?    a giraffe

D.       ?    a bear

14.                      Which are the main colours of our school emblem?


A.       ?    Blue, white, yellow, black and red

B.       ?    White and red

C.       ?    Black, greek, orange

D.       ?    Blue, yellow

15.                      Who is Mr Jan Cedro?


A.       ?    the Mayor

B.       ?    an Art teacher

C.       ?    the headmaster

D.       ?    the journalist

16.                      Who was the main musician responsible for “Tue es Petrus”? (a musical prepared for the millennium of the Holy Cross Monastery)


A.       ?    Andrzej Wajda

B.       ?    Krzysztof Kieślowski

C.       ?    Piotr Rubik

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