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Spain and Catalonia’s quiz

Posted on: March 30, 2009

Hello schoolmates on epostcards from Europe!

We would like you to get to know our beautiful country and region better! So, look at the quiz and try to answer as many questions as possible. We are looking forward to your quizzes! and we’re looking forward to your answers!!!


  1. What colours are our flag?   a) red and yellow   c) Red and white   c) Yellow and blue
  2. How many people are there in Spain?  a) 46 million   b) 74 million   c) 16 million
  3. Who is the king of Spain?  a) Carlos I          b) Juan I     c) Juan Carlos I   
  4. Who is the president of Spain?  a) José Maria Aznar   b) José Luís Rodríguez Zapatero   c) Felipe González
  5. What city is the capital of Spain?  a) Barcelona   b) Sevilla   c) Madrid
  6. Spain joined the European Union in…  a) 1981     b) 1982    c) 1986
  7. What’s the highest point mountain in Spain?   a) Teide    b) Aneto    c) Guadarrama
  8. What’s the longest river in Spain?  a) Tagus (Tajo)   b)  Ebro   c) Guadalquivir
  9. Spain is in a peninsula. Their name is…  a) Iberian    c) Celtic     d) Italian
  10.  What islands belong to Spain?  a) Balearyc and Canary   b) Frisian   c) Sicily and Corse



  1. What colours are Catalonia’s flag?   a) red and yellow   c) Red and white   c) Yellow and blue
  2. What’s the Catalonia’s area?  a) 500.000 km2   b) 102.000 km2  c) 32.000 km2
  3. In Catalonia people speaks Spanish and…  a) French   b) Catalan   c) German
  4. How many people are there in Catalonia?  a) 4 million   b) 14 million   c) 7 million
  5.  Who is the president of Catalonia?  a) José Montilla   b) Jordi Pujol   c) Felipe González
  6. What’s the Catalonia’s police force name?  a) Mossos d’esquadra  b) Guardia Civil  c) Sapeurs
  7. The national anthem of Catalonia is…  a)  Els camperols   b) Els Segadors  c) El Nois
  8. Who build the holly family church in Barcelona?  A) Gaudí   b) Picasso  c) Dalí
  9. What’s the name of the biggest football team of Catalonia? A) Real Madrid   b) F.C. Barcelona   c) Valencia C.F.
  10.  There is a day that we give and exchange as a present books and roses: a) 23 April   b) 5 december    c) 10 may

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