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Greetings from Paris

Posted on: March 28, 2009

We have been absent from our blog meetings for over a week. This is because of our visit in Paris. I’m a mother of Clare who took part in an International Magin Piano Competition which took place in Paris from 19th March till 24th March. There were young pianists from Japan, the USA, Mongolia, France, Italy, Australia and Poland. Clare is happy to get two prizes. one for the best performance of Magin’s polka and the special prize from the President of Jury (International Summer Piano Course). John Bieniasz who comes from Daleszyce also played brilliantly. So, greetings from Paris for all of you, working hard to be good at the international cooperation on the blog.

After the winners' concert in Paris

After the winners' concert in Paris


1 Response to "Greetings from Paris"

In Spanish we say. Bravo!, Bravísimo! and Ole! when someone is awared like you. Clare: greetings from Spain!. And congratulations for your award in the International Magin Piano Competition in Paris. Bozena, you are really lucky. Congratulations too.
Joan Molar, Badalona, Spain

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