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Port Aventura Park

Posted on: March 6, 2009


PortAventura is a big resort that comprises: a thematic park (Port Aventura Park), a water park (Caribe Aquatic Park), three hotels (Hotel PortAventura, Hotel El Paso and Hotel Caribe). A Beach Club and three golf courses (Golf PortAventura). It’s located in Catalunya, near Tarragona, between Salou and Vila-seca.
It’s divided into 5 main thematic areas: Mediterranean, Polynesia, China, Mexico and USA Farwest.
The star attraction of the park is the Dragon Khan, a really big roller coaster. It has a world record in loopings with 8 big Looping. Thanks to this attraction PortAventura has had this year millions of visitors, like Eurodisney París.

Soufian,Pau i Ferran, 6th A. Badalona.

11 Responses to "Port Aventura Park"

Guys this park is enormous…In Athens,our capital we have the biggest park in Greece,it is the most wonderful park in Greece….

Just wow!!! It is amazing.I suppose that it was difficult to build.


This park is very big and interesting.You can explore more new things and play all day.We love water parks because they are fun.Our park is called Alou Fun Park, it very exciting.

The fun fair is very big and is very wonderful.

It is very nice!!!

We have a fun park Here in Greece which has many things to do.

Hi! This park is great! We haven’t got park like you in Poland. Bye, bye

Hi. This foto is fantastic.It is very nice. This park is very big. Best wishes.

HELLO!! This park is very nice. We love it very much.

Bye Bye

It is fantastic. We like it very much. It must be exciting to sit there and go down and up. We haven´t got a park like this in the Czech Republic.
Tomáš, Dan and Robin

It is a very cool themepark. I went the first year it opened (’93 I think) and it was tremedous then. We went there again a few years ago and thought it was great had a lot more, bigger rides. Booked a holiday with portaventura holidays, which made it easier as we could book our flight and hotel all in one.

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