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Greetings from the North Sea, England

Posted on: February 28, 2009

Hi! We have just had our winter break, which is two weeks long. We have a lot of snow in Poland, so our students can ski, and enjoy the end of winter. But I am in England where spring has already come. Some flowers are in bloom, crocuses and snowdrops look wonderful on green grass. And even the North Sea does not seem so cold, but the strong winds blow every day. Here I am in the photo taken near Newcastle, England, the city situated close to Scotland. Greetings for all of you working so hard on the blog. And see you soon on its pages. Bozena Kraj, a teacher from Daleszyce

Greetings from the North Sea, England

Greetings from the North Sea, England

2 Responses to "Greetings from the North Sea, England"

Hello!What a wonderful view!!! What a great place to have winter holidays!
PS Hello everyone after a long break.I wasn’t at work about one month, and also I didn’t have computer. That’s why I didn’t write regularly.I must read all recent posts.They are very interesting.Greetings.Bye bye

Hello Bozena! I never have been in Scotland. It looks really great!.
Here, near the Mediterranian sea, the spring has come too. All is in flower. Kisses from Badalona!

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