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Visiting Badalona’s TV, press and radio

Posted on: February 27, 2009


Hello. We are two girls from 6è A class in Badalona. We want to explain you that we went to Badalona’s TV. We left the school at 11:00 and went to work to the building of Badalona’s television (it’s a TV channel). We were at Badalona’s radio too, and also to Badalona’s magazine. You can see the magazine in the photo. In the radio we were making a joke. In the magazine we had to print many things many times to done it perfect it you can see and watch the color. It was very accurate (the print in a special place.). In the Plate, which had to dress differently than the scenery as the weather. Finally we got some presents: a bag, two pens, and a book. Laura and me are in this photo. We are: I’m the black girl in the second row at the bottom of the right and Laura is the girl in purple the last row is the rose.

Miss Eve and Mr. Joan are the two teachers in the photo. They are the etwinning teachers too.

Laura and Judit.

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This foto is very nice

Your class is big

Best wishes.

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