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Class 4 from Polczyno

Posted on: February 25, 2009

I’m Alicja. I’m ten. On this picture I’m wearing  pink tracksuit I’m interestedi in music.  My favourite band  is Jonas brothers and my favourite  singer is Rihanna.

My name’s   Mariusz.  I’m ten. On this picture  I’m wearing  red blouse . I ‘m  interested in computer games .My favourite game is Metin 2. It’s about knights .

My name is Wojtek. I’m ten.  I’m wearing  grey and blue  sweatshirt  I’m  in the middle of this picture. I’m interested in  computer games. My favourite game is Metin2.

I`m Patrycja. I`m eleven. On this picture. I`m wearing red polo neck. I`m interestedin collecting cards with diffrent picture.

M y name  is Damian . On thi Picture I am wearing red blouse  with white marks  . I am interested in Computer games .My favourite game is METIN2 . It’s about knights.

My names is Karolina. I’m ten. On this picture I’m wearing blue polo neck. I`m interested in animals.


My name is Eryk . I’m  ten .On this Picture. I’m  wearing  white blouse and blue trousers .I’m interested in dinosaurs. My favourite  dinosaur is treciratops.

I’m eleven. I’m Mateusz. On this picture I’m wearing grey blouse. I’m interested in sports.

I’m Kacper . I’m ten years old. On this picture I’m wearing dark blue t-shirt . I’m interested in computer games.

I’m  Michał. I’m  eleven  years  old. On  this picture I’m   wearing  blue-brown  shirt . I’m  interested  in  military. dscf65583


2 Responses to "Class 4 from Polczyno"

Hi boys and girls!
My name’s Joan. I’m a teacher from Salvador Espriu School in Badalona, Catalonia, Spain.
It’s really nice to meet you.
Tomorrov my pupils from 6A level will see you.
They will be very happy to meet you too.
They will answer you.
They are 11 years old.
You’re only 11 pupils in your class.
In mine they are 25 in 6th level A and 25 in 6th level B.
At school we are 430 students and 32 teachers.
Welcome to our blog!
I hope you enjoy it very much!

We are Paula and Judit from the 6th class at the Salvador Espriu School, in Badalona.
We are 25 boys and girls in the class.
Exactly we are 14 girls and 11 boys.
Why you are so many little children in the class?
And how many teachers do you have at your school?
See you soon!
Please answer our questions!

🙂 Paula and Judith

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