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Barbeque day

Posted on: February 21, 2009

Barbecue day 2009 in Patra -1

Barbecue day 2009 in Patra -1

barbecue day in Patra 2009

barbecue day in Patra 2009

Every year on the Thursday one and a half weeks before Carnival Sunday and Clean Monday we celebrate “Barbeque Day”. On this day we eat only meat on barbeque, we drink, sing, dance, and we are very happy. In this way we mark the beginning of lent for Easter which lasts for about 50 days. We start fasting meat from the Friday after Barbeque Day and then we fast all dairy products (milk, cheese, eggs, butter, etc) on the Sunday before Carnival Sunday until on Clean Monday when the Easter fast starts. On Clean Monday we eat only bread, olives, legumes, and seafood. We have very big traditional celebrations on Clean Monday, too, and of course we have NO SCHOOL!!!!

On Barbeque Day in Patra we have a lot of celebrations with traditional music and dances and traditional theatre in the streets and everywhere. People dress up in fancy and funny costumes and play jokes, sing and dance all over the city! In the pictures above you can see what happened in Patra this Barbeque Day which was last Thursday, 19/02/2009.

What about you? Do you have any celebrations like that in your country or in your city?


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