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Kielce and the Cracow Bishops’ Palace

Posted on: February 8, 2009

There are a lot of tourists attractions, for example: Palace of Cracow Bishops: summer residence of Bishops of Cracow, built in early baroque style. The Palace of Cracow Bishops constructed on Bishop Jakub Zadzik’s initiative in the years 1637 – 1641 is a brilliant and valuable example of Polish residences from the Waza epoch. In the palace it’s original shape, elevation decorations and it’s original interior decor. Since 1971 it has been a branch of the National Museum. In it’s rooms on the ground floor it houses a gallery of Polish painting, presenting among others valuable paintings of our best painters from the period of the 17th to the 20th century:  Malczewski, Wyspiaski,  Kossak,  Gierymski,  Witkiewicz. The gallery ranked sixth in the country. On the representative first floor you can admire valuable 17th and 18th-century paintings, furniture, tapestry and other arts, creating the atmosphere characteristic of a contemporary Magnate house. In the rooms there are unique, richly polychromed beam-framed floors, frescos, marble fireplaces and portals.


Cracow Biships' Palace

Cracow Biships' Palace



4 Responses to "Kielce and the Cracow Bishops’ Palace"

Very nice town

Hi Daleszyce!
I love your picture of Kielce!
the Palace of Kielce is very nice!
How lucky you to have a Palace in your city!
We, in Badalona, we have no Palace.
I hope someday you can go to see all of you to go and visit the Palace of Kielce.
See you soon friends! 😉

ATT, paula97

Bye! 🙂

Hello Kielce!
I was really impressed with your palace of Cracow bishops. I like very much Barroc art, maybe because in Badalona we don’t have any barroc monument. In the Barroc ages Badalona and the whole Catalonia were really depressed. No money for nothing. No art but no comerce, no babes, nothing to eat. Catalonia was involved in a lot of wars. A lot of people died. Badalona too. We don’t rise since XIX century with bussines, factories and railway.
So I really enjoy this wonderful palace of Kielce. I hope I can see it sooner, when I travel to Poland.
Joan Molar

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