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Hi! We have just had our winter break, which is two weeks long. We have a lot of snow in Poland, so our students can ski, and enjoy the end of winter. But I am in England where spring has already come. Some flowers are in bloom, crocuses and snowdrops look wonderful on green grass. And even the North Sea does not seem so cold, but the strong winds blow every day. Here I am in the photo taken near Newcastle, England, the city situated close to Scotland. Greetings for all of you working so hard on the blog. And see you soon on its pages. Bozena Kraj, a teacher from Daleszyce

Greetings from the North Sea, England

Greetings from the North Sea, England


We’re girls from 5th class. We’ re school dance group which is called SKIERKI. We love dancing and creating figures as you can see on the pictures.


In our group are 8 girls: Karolina, Michalina, Sandra, Patrycja, Daniela, Weronika, Kamila i Eliza.

We also like creating songs for our team. We sing them during sports competitions which are in our school.

Best wishes for all of you. 🙂


Hello. We are two girls from 6è A class in Badalona. We want to explain you that we went to Badalona’s TV. We left the school at 11:00 and went to work to the building of Badalona’s television (it’s a TV channel). We were at Badalona’s radio too, and also to Badalona’s magazine. You can see the magazine in the photo. In the radio we were making a joke. In the magazine we had to print many things many times to done it perfect it you can see and watch the color. It was very accurate (the print in a special place.). In the Plate, which had to dress differently than the scenery as the weather. Finally we got some presents: a bag, two pens, and a book. Laura and me are in this photo. We are: I’m the black girl in the second row at the bottom of the right and Laura is the girl in purple the last row is the rose.

Miss Eve and Mr. Joan are the two teachers in the photo. They are the etwinning teachers too.

Laura and Judit.



 We are in 2009 and it is the year of Charles Darwin. We would like to dedicate this photo to him. February 12th, he was born 200 years ago. 
Darwin discovered the theory of evolution. This is a good theory OK for a
cells and primats. In USA some people believes that the humans were created and another that we came from primats. So they published this picture with Darwin’s face on the body of a monkey.  We are studying Darwin’s theory at class.

Borja and Sandro from 6th A class, Badalona.



This is the factory manufacturer of Anis del Mono (Anise the monkey). It’s in Badalona. Anis del Mono is a spiritous liquor like wodka or gin. It was invented by Vicente Bosch. The factory is from XIX century. It makes metafaluga anise. It’s a good and strong liquor. It’s very strong and very sweet.

Alexis and Marc from Badalona


We are Carla and Ainhoa.
We saw what you are posted about your Carnival.
We want now to explain what we have done at our school in carnival.
We have got a puppet that is called the carnival king.
The delegates of all the classes have thinked few funny things to do, for exemple wear different shoes or wear a bathrobe.
Finally on Friday the entire school was dressed for Carnival.
We have enjoyed it very much because this is our last year in this school!
Carla and Ainhoa

I’m Alicja. I’m ten. On this picture I’m wearing  pink tracksuit I’m interestedi in music.  My favourite band  is Jonas brothers and my favourite  singer is Rihanna.

My name’s   Mariusz.  I’m ten. On this picture  I’m wearing  red blouse . I ‘m  interested in computer games .My favourite game is Metin 2. It’s about knights .

My name is Wojtek. I’m ten.  I’m wearing  grey and blue  sweatshirt  I’m  in the middle of this picture. I’m interested in  computer games. My favourite game is Metin2.

I`m Patrycja. I`m eleven. On this picture. I`m wearing red polo neck. I`m interestedin collecting cards with diffrent picture.

M y name  is Damian . On thi Picture I am wearing red blouse  with white marks  . I am interested in Computer games .My favourite game is METIN2 . It’s about knights.

My names is Karolina. I’m ten. On this picture I’m wearing blue polo neck. I`m interested in animals.


My name is Eryk . I’m  ten .On this Picture. I’m  wearing  white blouse and blue trousers .I’m interested in dinosaurs. My favourite  dinosaur is treciratops.

I’m eleven. I’m Mateusz. On this picture I’m wearing grey blouse. I’m interested in sports.

I’m Kacper . I’m ten years old. On this picture I’m wearing dark blue t-shirt . I’m interested in computer games.

I’m  Michał. I’m  eleven  years  old. On  this picture I’m   wearing  blue-brown  shirt . I’m  interested  in  military. dscf65583


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