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Hello, we are Antoni and Joan-Pol from 6tB class in Salvador Espriu School.
We want to comment our picture: on the left, you can see the logo of football team Badalona. Now it’s in second league but it has been a lot of big success some years ago. Its shirt is blue and white.


 Hello I am Tania de Castro Sánchez
I want to comment a little bit about the football club Badalona. The FC. Badalona field is a grass field.
It’s very large. I’m a Badalona FC player.
I played on this team for six years.
I play as a frontal and I have made 23 goals.
In this case I’m a “pichixi”. The best player.
The T-shirt we wear is blue and white and in the middle of the shirt there is the coat of arms of FC Badalona. People calls me “pichichi”.
You can see the FC Badalona web page:
Bueno adios. See you later.


The name of my town is Paralia. Paralia is on the Peloponnese.

There are some shops, supermarkets, a video club, bakeries, fast food restaurants and a lot of other shops.

In my town there aren’t any historical sites but the area is very beautiful.

The sea is clear and blue, the beaches are clear, too. Can you see the big boat in the background?  These are really very big ferries that go from Patra to Italy.

view of my town from  my school

view of my town from my school

There are some factories near our school, the 2nd Junior High School of Paralia.

The weather is crazy. Sometimes it’s sunny and sometimes it’s raining but usually it’s fine. It’s raining in winter but at the end of spring and the beginning of summer it’s sunny and very hot.

My town is very nice. I like it here.

Alex Magakis, Grade 1, 2nd Junior High School of Paralia

My neighbourhood, by Gina Bazaroglou

My neighbourhood, by Gina Bazaroglou

My neighbourhood is really beautiful. It is in Paralia, near a big city of Greece, Patra. There are many shops such as a stationer’s, a confectioner’s, and a fishmonger’s. There aren’t any historical sights in my neighbourhood. There is a big factory and we call it “Antzoulatos”.

The weather is usually warm and hot.

I love my neighbourhood because every weekend I play with my friends Jane, Christine, Nadia, George, and James.

I propose you to come to Greece. I think that it is going to be your best holidays.

Gina Bazaroglou, Grade 1, 2nd Junior High School of Paralia

my country by George Petroutsos

my country by George Petroutsos

My country is Greece. Greece has got many many shops and  historical sights. The most important historical sights are the Parthenon, Delfi, Thissio, the White Tower, Knossos, and Olympia.

The White Tower in Thessaloniki

The White Tower in Thessaloniki

The Temple at Delfi

The Temple at Delfi



Greece has many very beautiful places which are touristic attractions, like Mykonos, Athens, Rhodes, Crete, Thessaloniki, Syros, Patra, Olympia, Paros, and Corfu.

I like the Parthenon, Paros, Lefkada, Zakinthos, Andros, Rhodes, Thessaloniki, and Pireaus.

George Petroutsos, Grade 1, 2nd Junior High School of Paralia

Hello, we are the Paula and Maria from 6B Badalona.
In Badalona we also have a museum but is quite smaller. You can see it in the photo. It’s the big building in the end of the photo. In our museum, there are some Roman objects. Also there are several exhibitions every year, about all items. Sometimes we are going to take a trip to the Museum. Once a year it celebrates a kind of event where everything is on the Romans clothes. People made like an army parade but dressed has the Romans. We do this to celebrate Romans founded Badalona in III century before Christ. (Badalona has more than 2225 history years).

Patra is found north of the Peloponnese, in the Prefecture of Achaia.

In Patra there are many kinds of shops, bakeries, factories, workshops, flower shops, bookshops, fruit and vegetable stores, butchers’, cleaners’.

In Patra there are historical sights. The theatre, the museum , the school of music.

The new Museum of Patra

The new Museum of Patra

Patras has touristic attractions such as the port, the castle, and the fortress.
It is not a big industrial city but there are some factories which make icecream and refreshments.
I like the weather in Patra. In summer it is sunny and hot, in winter it rains a lot, and in autumn it is windy. It is also very beautiful in spring when all the flowers bloom.
Demetres Bakas, Grade 1, 2nd Junior High School of Paralia.
football ground in my neighbourhood

football ground in my neighbourhood

Dear children on epostcards,

How are you?

I’m writing this note to tell you about my neighbourhood. There are many facilities such as football grounds, swimming pool, cafes, and video clubs.

Also there is a music shop which is my favourite place because it’s got interesting music.

See you soon!

George Makris, Grade 1, 2nd Junior High School of Paralia

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