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Winobranie – The Wine Festival

Posted on: January 30, 2009

koro     This is a festival which is celebrated in September every year. People enjoy this festival very much. It takes place in Zielona Gora and lasts one week. You can have a great fun then. There are parties. concerts, parades, funfair for children, and lots of food, people taste wines, delicious bread, sausages, sweets.And also you can buy lots of things.



8 Responses to "Winobranie – The Wine Festival"



We think that your festival may be fantastic and wonderful!!!!!!

We also have a festival from 17 January until 1 March and we call it CARNIVAL!!!We celebrate the end of the winter and the beginning of spring.
We’re going to write more things about our carnival, soon.

Greetings from Greece!!!!!!!!!!

The wine festival of Poland IS VERY GREAT

The carnival in PATRA is 17 JANUARY until 1 MARCH. We’ll tell you more about it very soon.

Bye for now!

Hi, kids from Poland!!Your festival is excellent, marvellous, fabulous!!!!

We also have a big festival and we call it CARNIVAL!!!We dress up and we dance in the streets,but some people drink a lot and they do bad things. You will learn more things for CARNIVAL in my next e-mail!!

What happy festival! Wine!
Here in Badalona, in Catalonia, in Spain, we know very much about wine. People drinks wine in the meals, every meal, every day. Red wine. A strong red wine, from la Rioja or Penedès. Not children!. Only adults!. Next to Badalona it’s Alella. Alella is a town. In Alella made “champagne”. Like french white wine. But we call it “cava”. It’s an expènsive wine, but not like a french one. Only 6 € for bottle. In Alella there is a big wine festival, like yours. In the same week of september. Poland and Spain: we like wine. It’s interessting, isn’t it?.
Joan Molar

Hello everybody!Thank you for your comments!! 🙂 This wine festival is so special for Lubuskie Province (the west of Poland),because it is only here once a year. So nowhere in Poland you can see it. Near Zielona Gora, there are many vineyards, with grapes, vines, what is not typical for Poland, and people produce wine. And every year we celebrate this only in Zielona Gora.

The idea of wine festival is very good

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