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DKV Joventut La Penya

Posted on: January 30, 2009


Badalona is famous around the world because its basket team: DKV Joventut, called “La Penya” (The friends”). Once they got the Europe Champions Basket Coup. These are the players of DKV this year. Last year, we had a very good player who is now in USA in NBA league. His name’s Rudy Fernández. He is now in the NBA in Portland Blacers team. In the photo you can see the players. They are: 21 Dimitry Flis, 22 Jerome Moïso, 16 Eduardo Sonseca, 14 Jan Hendrik Jagla, 11 Lubos Barton, 18 Ferran Laviña, 9 Ricky Rubio, 5 Rudy Fernandez, 00 Demond Mallet and 4 Pau Ribas. I’m like Pau Ribas as the player. I and my friend Roger go to see basket matches 5 or 6 times a year, and we have seeing about 20 or 30 matches. The web page of DKV is: www.penya.com


4 Responses to "DKV Joventut La Penya"

hi boys

Thanks for your photo. We think that our team is very good, too.

Our team is Ellas. We have got Diamadopoulo, Papalouka,Skortsianides,

It’s great to have a good team to be proud of. In Kielce we have a good football team 2nd League, and the great handball coach, who is the coach of the national handball team (the bronze at the Worldcup this year) Have you seen the match Poland-Denmark?

I think that team is very good!

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