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My country

Posted on: January 29, 2009

my country by George Petroutsos

my country by George Petroutsos

My country is Greece. Greece has got many many shops and  historical sights. The most important historical sights are the Parthenon, Delfi, Thissio, the White Tower, Knossos, and Olympia.

The White Tower in Thessaloniki

The White Tower in Thessaloniki

The Temple at Delfi

The Temple at Delfi



Greece has many very beautiful places which are touristic attractions, like Mykonos, Athens, Rhodes, Crete, Thessaloniki, Syros, Patra, Olympia, Paros, and Corfu.

I like the Parthenon, Paros, Lefkada, Zakinthos, Andros, Rhodes, Thessaloniki, and Pireaus.

George Petroutsos, Grade 1, 2nd Junior High School of Paralia


3 Responses to "My country"

We think you are absolutelly rigth. Greece is one of most wonderful countries in Europe, and in the world. You have so many things to offer to tourist!. Clear beaches, good weather, wonderful places, a lot of art, historic sites… I agree with you when you invite people to know Greece. Everybody should travel to Greece once in a live, or more, if you can. Good job: your Greece map is really good. Well done!

Beautiful map!!!!!!!!!! Greece is a wonderful place like Spain to live.Warm sea, sunny weather, just perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi! my name is Judit Alés Diaz from the CEIP Salvador espriu of Badalona. Do you have msn?.
Mine is juditales@hotmail.com
I like your photos and your comments!
bye! Judit alés

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