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Posted on: January 28, 2009


View of Patras Gulf

View of Patras Gulf

Patras is the third biggest city in Greece, and it’s located on the southwest of the country. There are many shops in Patra but no many factories. It has got the new Rio cable bridge and the carnival.

Carnival in Patra

Carnival in Patra

There are many museums and theatres.

The Roman theatre in Patra

The Roman theatre in Patra

Usually the weather is sunny and it’s not raining!!!!

George Anastassopoulos, Grade 1, 2nd Junior High School of Paralia.

3 Responses to "My city"

I really think your city is wonderful. I see your Patra’s photos and I get a terrific love for Patras. I want to take a plane and go there in my holidays. Enjoy your city because it’s really a good place to live, near the sea, good weather, beaches.
Best regards from Badalona, Joan Molar

Nice fotos it must was cool carnawal. B-)

Nice carnival

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