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Our town

Posted on: January 21, 2009

Paralia is in the centre of the municipality of Paralia, which is in the west of Patra.

view of Paralia from our school

view of Paralia from our school

Other areas in the municipality are Roitika and Mindilogli. Paralia is a seaside area, as its name suggests and it is 200 metres above the sea level. There are a few historical sights worth visiting in Paralia. One of them is the church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, a wonderful old church.

old house of the English noblemen

old house of the English noblemen

The old church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary

The old church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary

Another are the neoclassical homes of the nobles with rare architecture. These were the holiday homes of some rich people of the early 20th century. Many parties were organised in these homes and the area was very lively then.

In Paralia there were also two famous night clubs “Parisiana” (lady from Paris) and “Lido”. Many people from all over Greece used to come here with their friends to enjoy themselves.

Paralia is also famous for its sunset, a unique natural phenomenon because of the wonderful red colour and the shapes that the sky gets when the sun sets. Sunset in Paralia is really idylic and will leave you ecstatic.

sunset in Paralia

sunset in Paralia

The local economy is mainly rural with lots of biological cultivations. Olives, raisin and lots of varieties of grapes are produced here. That is why some very good wine is made here. So, you can enjoy the mediterranean healthy diet during your holidays here.

The weather is usually sunny but sometimes it rains.

There are many shops such as restaurants, chemist’s, flower shops, department store, fishmongers, confectioner’s, dry cleaner’s and a bookshop.

We like it very much because it has got many shops and all our friends are here.

Alexandra, Constantina, and Joanna, Grade 1, 2nd Junior High School of Paralia


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I see your wonderful photos about Paralia. I never has been in Paralia, but I have gone to Greece two times. I visit Athens, Mikonos, Ios, Santorini, Naxos, Paros and Andros. All of them ciclayc Islands. I go to Sunion and I see the sunset, but I think you are right. Paralias sunset is better. Thanks a lot for these fantastic photos. My pupils will enjoy it very much.

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