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My city

Posted on: January 21, 2009

Patra is in the south-west of Greece. There are many shops in Patra. There are banks, hospitals, bakeries, churches, shopping centres, department stores, and many more.
our hospital

our hospital

St. Andrew's church

St. Andrew's church

One of the historical sights of Patra is the ancient castle. There are some toursistic attractions in Patra but the best is the bridge of Rio-Antirio.

The castle

The castle

the Rio-Antirio cable bridge

the Rio-Antirio cable bridge

The biggest number of factories aren’t in the centre of Patra. They are outside Patra.

The weather here most of the time is very nice. I like Patra very much and I like living here.

Dennis Kalantzis, Grade 1 2nd Junior High School of Paralia

1 Response to "My city"

HI! ūüėÄ
how are you?
Today we, Mar and Paula, we will describe us:
Mar: I’m blonde, long hair and smooth, I have blue eyes dark, not too big nose, lips do not have thick but I am clear. I’m high and thin and lime 41. I love sports especially basketball I also like to go well dressed.
I’m very nice and I like helping people. I’m very nervous. I like to study.
Paula: I have the hair to the shoulder, and wavy brown.
I have dark brown eyes. I have the nose small, not round or pointed. I have very thick lips and not very thin. I love sports, especially dancing, and I like to go well dressed.
I’m very nice and I like to study.
I am quiet and very well I have a relationship with people.

Well you know how we are!!!

Bye, and see you soon ūüėČ

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