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Patra is 3 hours away from Athens. It is the third biggest city in Greece. There are shops, cafes, shopping centres, a museum, a library, flower shops, chemists’ hospitals, and banks. There are many historical sights in Patra. The most important one is the castle which is on Dassylio (little forest, in Greek) Hill with a great view of Patra. The city’s main square is King George I Square with fountains, cafes, and a theatre. Another very important sight in Patra is St. Andrew’s church, which is the biggest church in Greece. There aren’t any factories in Patra. The weather is usually sunny and warm. I like it very much.

Demetres Ritsikalis, Grade 1, 2nd Junior High School of Paralia, Patra

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Hey Guys,

Wow, what a lovely view in the post card! Really makes me want to go on holiday!
I was reading some journals earlier today, and so many people were giving ecards a bad press, simply because they are not classed as the traditional method of sending someone a greeting!I had to argue against this person! I said that I knew that ‘real’ cards, (not only Christmas) but other festive holidays as well are the preferred choice for many people. However, my some of my uni friends started sending me fun e-cards, so thats how I learned more about them.
I think e-cards are such a good way to help the environment, they save on paper, and if you choose a free site, you are saving on stamps too!! Lots of my friends sent them instead of Christmas cards this year! I have trawled through lots of ecard sites, and found a really good one called http://www.ecards.co.uk I found it really easy to use and the best thing is that it’s free! Lots of different animal cards to choose from, and lots of funny ones too.
There is a lot of choice, and fun applications where you can load your own photos and add them to the card. (This is called Face It) I put one of my dad in there and sent it to him, he said it made him smile. You can load different photos of your friends into different cartoon characters! My favorite one is the cartoon of Elvis dancing!
Sorry if this seems like a bit of a rant, it’s just that I got a bit annoyed with people saying that ecards are a negative thing, when clearly they are a fantastic alternative!
Just wanted to share my thoughts with ya all!
Regards, Nicole.

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