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Čelákovice in winter

Posted on: January 10, 2009

Hurray. There is snow more than one week. In Čelákovice there wasn´t snow in winter for a long time.  We are happy because we can even go cross country skiing around our school during PE lessons. Ponds are frozen and we can skate there. We snowball. This winter is very cold and windy (around 10º C).

school yard

school yard

behind the school

behind the school



in the town

in the town

in the town


3 Responses to "Čelákovice in winter"

Really wonderful these images about your school. You will be very happy playing with the snow, aren’t you?. People from Badalona enjoy these images. We never will play with snow and never will ski around the school. So we like to see these so nice pictures. Thanks a lot for them!

hello, we are Ariadna, Sandro and Laura from Badalona. How lucky are you. You have got a big snowy and we don’t have got it. We don’t have snow so we can’t play with it.
In our climate, there is snow.
In your city do always snow in winter?
Adios! We are in touch. We hope all go well.

Hi! 🙂
I am Iza from Daleszyce. I think that yours photos are really beautiful!
You have got luck, because you can skiing on PE lessons.
I want this too!! 🙂
Greeting, bye.

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