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The Old Town in Kielce

Posted on: January 10, 2009

PalacePalace of Cracow Bishops (1637–1641): summer residence of Bishops of Cracow, built in early baroque style Cracow Bishops (1637–1641): summer residence of Bishops of Cracow, built in early baroque style by Giovanni. Can you find it?

The Palace

The Palace


4 Responses to "The Old Town in Kielce"


How are you?

Very nice your photos.

In Badalona are beaches and mountains, but in you can not swim because the water is very cold in winter!

But in summer the water are hot and we can swim. If you want to swim wiht us one day you can come here and try it.

Then we will send you a photo of the devils who were throwing firecrackers and making much noise.

We would like to be in the snow because we are used to very hot.

You’ll also want to be at our place?

Post in my metroflog, please


well, bye bye. 🙂

We say hello. We are Tània and Marta.We saw your pictures from your city.They are very beautiful.
Your city is beautiful and very big and large.
We saw at TV that it has snowed a lot there. Here has snowed this mounth but in the mountains. We are very pleased to know you.
post to my metroflog please

by by

Hi! 🙂
I’m Paula From Badalona!
Your photo is FANTASTIC! 😀
In Badalona no palace …:(
Well, i’m very very busy 😉
Sorry 😦
Bye-Bye!! 😉

Kielce are beautiful! 😉
I like drive to the cinema, to shops or supermarkets in Kielce.
Kielce are bigger than Daleszyce. Unfortunately we haven’t got a lot of interesting places in Daleszyce:( But I like this small town.:)
Greeting from Daleszyce, Iza. 🙂

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