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Magic Badalona

Posted on: January 9, 2009

Hello we are Andrea, Maria and Judit from 6A class. Today we will explain something about Badalona. There is in Badalona a new shopping centre called Magic Badalona. This great orange basket ball is located outside the centre. It is a very good centre and there are many shops. There are also some movie theatres and good places to eat something. It’s very big and you can buy many diferent things. It’s not very expensive now. There are a lot of basketball playgrounds, and they are making a big museum of basketball. We hope you like this explanation about the Magic Badalona.  Adios ..


Hi! We are Paula and Judit from 6A class. We want to say you that in Badalona has been built a new shopping centre. It’s Magic Badalona. Basketball is the king. You can play basket or can eat something. There are many restaurants. Also you can buy clothes, shoes, whatever you want. There is a big karting where you can ride karts. It’s not expensive. There are also some cinemas with many rooms to see good films. Also you have a gymnasium to make sport: bicycle, swimming pool and run. .
The centre is very big. It  has got three floors with automatic stairs and transparent elevators. There is a big orange ball like a basket ball.
It’s the biggest shopping centre of Catalunya. The karting has been made by the very famous F1 runner called Fernando Alonso.

Paula and Judit


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Hi! We are from Zabór.
This shopping centre is great.

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