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Posted on: January 8, 2009


Hello, we are Mar, Maria, Paula and Marga, from 6B class. Today we hung this picture and we will tell you what that is.
This is an aerial picture about
Badalona. You can see our beach, the Badalona’s beach. As you can see it is quite thick and when summer arrives and the temperatures are very high all the Badalona’s people enjoy it. The water, alsdo in winter, is not very cold. About 16º and 24º in summer.
You can also see the city. It’s very large and there are many people, approximately 225.000 h.
In the background you can see the Conreria, a mountain range that is made up by some mountains not very high, about 300 mts. In the winter is not usual the snow, but in the Conreria in some specific cases it snows a little.
Well, now you know something more of
Badalona, Bye!.


6 Responses to "Badalona"

I think it’s a paradise (the sea, the mountains, the beaches and the palm trees) Simply, wonderful!!!
You must love these places.Greetings from Daleszyce!Thanks for beautiful cards!!!There was alot to read and to admire.

Beautiful photo!

I very like this picture. That beach is really big and beautiful. That palms and that street is really long.

very nice photo!!!!!!

Milena (from Zabor)

it is a sweet photo….
Badalona is beautiful and magic….

Ela,Kaja,Kamila and Karolina from Zabór

Hello !

Very good Photo. We like playing football.\Our favourite club is FC BARCELONA . Our favourite football player is THIERRY HENRY.

Greetings from Zabor

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