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Thank you for Your Christmas Cards!!!!!

Posted on: January 6, 2009

Hi! Hello! How are you?!!!!!

We want to thank you for your Christmas cards! We like them very much.They are sweet and nice. We have your cards in the classroom. We had a happy Christmas.We had a long holiday break. Today it is very snowy and the winter is very hard.Today , it was -20 degrees in the morning.It was really cold. Now we have an English lesson. It is our second lesson. Later we will have PE.We invitie you to our school.Greeting from Zabor: from Pati, Dagmara,Sandra, Ela, Kamila, Kaja, Karolina, Peter, Robert, Jarek, Michał and Kamil and a teacher, Mrs. Agata :*



5 Responses to "Thank you for Your Christmas Cards!!!!!"

Thank you, too. We have already got cards from Zabor and Celakovice. I wonder if you got our cards. We have sent them to all five schools. Greetings from very cold Daleszyce (-20 degrees Centigrade)

Hello Bozenka! Thank you very much for your cards, We got them two days ago.They are beautiful. We also want to thank for Christmas cards from Celakovice, Greece and Spain. Bye bye bye

Hello and Happy New Year to you, too!!

We got back to school today on a cold and rainy day but no problem because we’re very happy to see you and be with you all again. It makes us very warm at heart!!

Thank you all for your Xmas cards. They were really beautiful and we enjoyed them so much. We have put them up in our English Language Lab in a corner we have created by the name “News from our friends from Europe”. Must go now but we’ll be back soon with more news.

In the meantime, keep well!!!

Hello from Badalona!

We have good really fantastic Xmas cards from your schools. We are very happy!. We have put them in the school’s hall. All the pupils have see them and they asked a lot of questions about Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Greece.
Thanks a lot for your beautiful cards!

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