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We have visited Sant Jeroni abbey

Posted on: November 26, 2008

Near Badalona there is an old gotic abbey called Saint Jeronimus of the Murtra. We went to visit it last October. Now we have done a video. We put it here. You can also see something about our landscape. Notice that we don’t have many trees in it. Here it doesn’t rain a lot and we don’t have big trees, only little ones.

4 Responses to "We have visited Sant Jeroni abbey"

I must write that’s a fantastic way to learn about ourselves. Video shows your you in action, and in this way we not only imagine but see you. And the excursion was great. Greetings from Daleszyce!

Joan, it must have been a wonderful trip. It’s so hot there in October.Greetings for everybody 🙂

Hola!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally,I heard the voice of this film, It was wonderful. I felt I was be there with you, Just perfect!

Yesterday some classes saw your video on the interactive board. A big computer screen. Did you like the excursion? How many kilometres do you have to the Abbey? Greetings from Classes Ic, IIic and IId. Bye!

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