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Our patron – John Paul II

Posted on: November 19, 2008

He was the Holy Father, an important person for many people in the world. We have his corner at school where you can find even some things which belonged to him. There are pictures, a marble board with his face, and other decorations which make the place special. As a school, we have our Patron’s Day on 16 October every year. Then we have the holy Mass and some performances connected with the day. What about your patrons?

The corner of John Paul II

The corner of John Paul II


2 Responses to "Our patron – John Paul II"

We don’t have a world famous patron like you. Our school’s name is Salvador Espriu. Salvador Espriu is a catalan writer. He was worn in Santa Coloma de Farners on 1913 and died in Barcelona in 1985. He was a greatest poet, playwright and novelist catalan on the XXth century.

Espriu has made a big literary production. It includes books of poems like “Sinera”, “the foot and the wall” and “The leather bull”, that is probably his most famous work. In this poems Espriu offers his vision about the Catalonia and Spain historical problems like the civil war 1936-1939. In this war about 1.000.000 people died.

Hi ,
Yesterday, I read about your patron Salvador Espriu, a Catalon writer. I know, he wrote many novels. I wonder if you read any of his books or poems? I know that Espriu was the most original narrator of his generation and he obtained international recognition and got a few awards, for example the Montaigne prize and the Award of Honour of Catalon Letters.
Greetings for Badalona’s school.

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