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Every year in autumn our PE teachers organize a relay race. It is called Chocolate Relay Race because the winners get bars of chocolate and a diploma. Pupils from 5 – 9 classes make teams of 10 runners. One lap is 250m long. Girls and boys race together. In our team there were six boys and four girls.  This year the weather wasn´t very nice, it was quite cold but the atmosphere was excellent. The race was exciting.  We won again.

Winter, snow and cold, snowy emptiness. Snowflakes falling down in the darkness of a winter night. Street lamps like the Bethlehem star, show the right way to the lost people.

White houses, trees and streets. Window glass covered with frosty flowers. A hot fire-place, and the Christmas tree which smells like a green forest. Great atmosphere of melancholy and peace.

Silence. People in a rush. No time to look for the beauty of the winter world. Day by day, no time for ourselves. It’s worth waiting for a minute to look round, It’s worth meeting the others, and being together in this white, cold winter time.

But this wonderfully warm Christmas time is to come. Keep it for the whole year!

What do snowmen like eating for breakfast to be strong and white?

– What are your answers? Any ideas? Be creative! Waiting this weekend !

Winter greetings from Class 3c from Daleszyce.

This is the last week of November. We are happy that December is the first month of winter and that Christmas will come soon. Last Wednesday our parents came to school to meet our teachers and check how good we are. We must say that some problems have appeared and our marks might be better. So, we will do our best to be good students and good friends for one another. Especially, before Santa Clause comes. In Poland He comes on the 6th of December. We are waiting!!!

A few girls

A few girls

Near Badalona there is an old gotic abbey called Saint Jeronimus of the Murtra. We went to visit it last October. Now we have done a video. We put it here. You can also see something about our landscape. Notice that we don’t have many trees in it. Here it doesn’t rain a lot and we don’t have big trees, only little ones.









Hi everybody! We are preparing Christmas cards and soon we will send them! Greetings from snowy Zabor! Bye bye

Here is our video about Saint Ceci’l Cantata. I hope you enjoy it. 6th grade classes.

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